Online Business Are Taking Over Brick and Mortar Business

We are in the midst of an economic recession; we may dislike the fact but cannot ignore it. With no sign of recovery in the foreseeable future, we will have to live with it. However, living with an economic recession like the one we have in our hand at present have already had enough impact on the business circle. Pink slips are being handed over to the employees of business houses all over the world leading to widespread unemployment, world share markets have nose dived and small business houses are having trying time in keeping their ante up.

In the current scenario, it is quite obvious that running online business is the best possible alternative open to those who are entering the arena of entrepreneurship at present. Even the existing ones are following the suit slowly but steadily.

It is true that brick and mortar business or in other words, the conventional form of running business offline is still the most reliable form. To some of the consumers, a well furnished and good-to-look-at office still proves the trustworthiness of a company. These customers would always walk in and see a product ‘physically’ before buying it. However, the number of these orthodox customers is drastically coming down every day and a company cannot risk carrying the extra burden of running an office for a handful of those who are still clinging to the oriental style of shopping.

For the lion’s share of consumers, saving a few traditional ones, surfing through the internet is now the most efficient way of ‘looking’ for a particular product. By going through the websites of multiple companies, they can get answers to the most pertinent questions and can have a look at all the products offered by a wide variety of business houses. At the same time, running businesses online helps the companies to get rid of vast infrastructural costs and help them to drastically cut down the logistical cost, which is very important in this current state of economic crisis.

Let me give you an example. If you are willing to hire an office space in a leading commercial hub, you will have to shell out $12.00 to as many as $40.00 for each square foot whereas launching a website will simply demand an expense of $25.00 to $100.00 per month depending upon the size of your business and the budget you are involving in the business. When your pockets are hit hard by the financial crisis, this makes a noticeable difference so far as your budget is concerned.

Apart from this, online business also caters well with the modern lifestyle which is mainly internet oriented. Hence, it helps to reach out to a larger number of target customers than what is possible by running a conventional business. It is quite obvious that any company would opt for online business rather than opting for a conventional brink and mortar business to save money and maximize its profits.